1. Terms of Use

The company ISOPIPE S.A., hereinafter referred to as the “Company” lists the Terms & Conditions of Use regarding the website, hereinafter the website. The company has the right to modify or unreservedly revise the Terms & Conditions of the website’s use, at any time deemed necessary, and undertakes the responsibility to inform the user for any change through this website’s pages.

The particular website’s use presupposes the unconditional and full acceptance of the mentioned terms, which apply to all of its content.

1.1. Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights

All the content of ISOPIPE’s Website, including distinctive titles, texts, trademarks, images, graphics, drawings, is part of the Company’s intellectual property and is protected by the relevant European and International provisions regarding Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights, except for the protected rights of third parties, for which the Company has received a license of use, exclusively for the needs of the website.

Therefore, the full or partial modification, publication, transmission, reproduction, distribution, presentation, or other use of the website’s content in any way or medium for commercial or other purposes is strictly prohibited, without the prior written consent of the Company. As an exception of the aforementioned factors, individual copying, printing or storage of the above data is allowed for the visitor’s personal use, provided that it is accompanied by a clear and distinct reference to their source of origin and that they will not be used for commercial or other purposes.

1.2. Website Links

The Website includes a Link redirecting to a Company website, which is connected with “ISOPIPE Insulation Calculator”. The aforementioned page is under the control of the Company and the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and “Cookies” apply there as well. Its use is not mandatory for the visitor /user. The entire content of this Link is part of the Company’s intellectual property (See 1.1 Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights).

1.3. Website Validity - Limitation of Liability

The Company without assuring and therefore without having any responsibility, makes all the necessary efforts to ensure that the information provided by its Website is complete, accurate, updated, and clear. However, in no case, including this negligence, is the Company liable for errors, omissions, or any deficiencies in the data provided, for delays, interruptions or inability to transmit the information or for any damage caused to the visitor/user due to this information use.

Furthermore, the Company does not assure that its own or any other related Websites or the “Servers”, through which the information is transmitted to the visitor/user, is provided without “viruses” or other harmful components. The Company does not in any way guarantee the accuracy, completeness or availability of its content, pages, services, options, or their results. The Company is not liable for any kind of damage suffered by the visitor/user after using the pages, services, options and contents its Website, since she/he carries out this action on her/his own responsibility and having knowledge of the aforementioned Terms of Use.

1.4. Website Security

Access to the Website is provided only at the initiative of the visitor/user and not the Company’s.

The visitor/user is exclusively responsible for the personal equipment and all the necessary technological means, offering him access to the Website’s Services. Each visitor/user shall take all the appropriate security measures, such as antivirus programs and other malware, before using this Website. The cost of any improvements or repairs is solely undertaken by the visitor/user, in any case the Company does not bear any responsibility or charge.

The Company has taken all the necessary security measures to protect the Website from viruses and other malware, while at the same time controls access to the Website, in order to prevent attacks and other unauthorized actions. However, it does not assure that the Website’s content is free of viruses, errors and other harmful elements and is not responsible for any damage caused to the user’s equipment, software or files, or any other damage may be suffered from the abovementioned factors.

1.5. User/ Visitor Responsibility

The website shall be used exclusively for legal purposes and in a manner, which does not restrict or prevent its use from third parties. The Website’s visitors/users shall comply with the rules and regulations of the Greek, European and International Law and the relevant legislation governing telecommunications and refrain from any illegal and abusive behavior ,which may affect other visitors/users and cause damage or malfunction of the website and consequently to the Company. In case the Company is involved in any dispute or is called to pay any kind of compensation to third parties, for reasons causing the violation of visitor’s/user’s obligations, then for this reason the visitor/user shall compensate the Company.

1.6. Applicable Law - Other Terms

The aforementioned Terms of Use, as well as any modification, are governed and interpreted in accordance with the Greek & European Union Law, as well as all the relevant international treaties. The competent courts for resolving any dispute are exclusively the courts of Athens, Greece.

No modification of the Terms of Use will be taken under considered and will not be part of this Agreement unless it has been formulated and proved in writing and incorporated into the current Terms of Use.

Shall any provision of the Terms of Use become contrary to the Law, is automatically invalid, without in any way affecting the validity of all the other Terms.

The present constitutes the entire binding agreement between the Company and the visitor/user of the Website and its services.

Latest Update: 22/06/2020