Datenschutzrichtlinien und Cookies

1. Personal Data Protection Policy

ISOPIPE S.A. hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, is responsible for processing your personal data, in the use of the web page and services provided to the visitor/user, by the website www.

This Notice is intended, in accordance with Article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation, to inform you about the use of your personal data and describes the framework under which we collect, retain and use the personal data of this website’s visitors/users.

Therefore, the visitor/user should carefully read the content of this Notice before using our website’s services. Ιn case of disagreement, the user should leave the page and make no use of its services and content.

Τhis Privacy Policy may change from time to time in accordance with the Law or any other industry developments. The Company shall not explicitly notify its customers or website visitors/users for such changes. Instead, it is recommended to occasionally check this page for any changes pertaining to this Privacy Policy (see the section “1.5 Changes to this Notice”).The continued use of the website even after any changes to the Privacy Policy, means the unconditional acceptance of these Terms by the user.

Should you have any questions about this Notice and how your Personal Data is processed, please contact us at

1.1. Collection and Processing of Personal Data

The following table describes the purposes of processing the Personal Data collected through our website, their categories, as well as the legal basis for their processing:

Short Processing DescriptionPersonal DataPurpose of Data ProcessingLegal Basis on Data Processing
Newsletters E-mail Sending an informational/ promotional brochure Your data is processed with your consent
Communication with the Company Full name, Email & Other data which may be included in your request The processing, handling & service of your request Data are processed in the context of serving the Company’s legitimate interests, in this case to serve your requests, to maintain and improve the Company’s communication with its users.
ISOPIPE Insulation Calculator E-mail For files, the user wishes to send himself This information is not stored, collected and processed
While browsing the Company’s website, information about your connection & activity is collected automatically Data collected through Cookies (for more information, please refer to section 2. Cookies Policy) Website optimization and security Data is processed in the context of serving the Company’s legitimate interests, in this case to ensure the website’s smooth operation and security.

1.2. Disclosure to Third Parties

Τhe Company and/or the Group may disclose the above mentioned Personal Data to companies providing computer & website support.

1.3. Security

Υour Personal Data Protection is crucial to the Company.

The Company collects, maintains and processes your personal data in a way which ensures their utmost protection. In particular, the processing of your Personal Data is performed exclusively by staff authorized for this purpose, or by suppliers who are committed to the Company with the same obligations for your Personal Data’s protection. In a parallel manner, all the appropriate organizational and technical measures are taken for data security & protection against accidental or unlawful destruction, unintentional loss, deterioration, prohibited dissemination or access and any other form of unauthorized processing.

1.4. Retention Period

Any Personal Data submitted on the website are kept only for the time necessary for the purpose for which there were collected, or as required by the Law.

1.5. Changes to this Notice

Our goal is to constantly review and update this Notice, in order to comply with the relevant Legal and Regulatory requirements, while providing optimal personal data protection. Any information or update on this matter shall be communicated through this website.

Latest Update: 22/06/2020

2. Cookies Policy

Similar to other webpages, so does the website collect “Cookies”, utilizing data obtained from user navigation, thus improving website performance as well as browsing experience.

“Cookies” is a widely used technology utilizing small text files stored on each user’s terminal/device (computer, mobile, tablet), without receiving any information or knowledge of the user’s personal files or documents, collect navigation data, in order to better facilitate and expedite users’ access and navigation on the website without damaging the user’s device. By using “Cookies”, we have the opportunity to improve our website, by offering personalized services.

“Cookies” are also used by ISOPIPE, S.A. associates (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) for targeted information, optimization and promotion of the website based on your previous visits to our website. Their purpose is to make your browsing experience easier and at the same time help us to present you with content related to your interests. More specifically, “Cookies” are useful in retrieving past options, each time you visit the website (e.g. user language, font size and other display preferences), so that they do not have to be repeated.

We have already requested and obtained your consent for “Cookies” use, while in the settings of your terminal, there is available information for downloading and maintaining “Cookies”. In case of non-agreement with this provision, you may have limited access to our services.

2.1. Cookies

2.1.1. Critical / Necessary Cookies

Critical/Necessary Cookies are essential for the website’s flawless operation, performing a specific function, without affecting and compromising the overall website performance. In the event of Critical/Necessary Cookies disabling, the website’s functionality will be affected.

2.1.2. Functional Cookies

Functional Cookies allow users to access the service with certain predefined general features depending on a series of criteria in the user’s terminal, such as language selection or font size. Functional Cookies are nameless and used in order to provide the user with accurate information depending on the country, but also to allow share content through Social Media and view a YouTube video embedded in ISOPIPE, S.A.’s website.

2.1.3. Analytics/ Statistics Cookies

It is about Analytics/ Statistics Cookies provided by Google Inc. through Google Analytics platform. The particular Cookies are nameless and collect information about the user’s navigation behavior on ISOPIPE’s website, such as the duration of the visit on the website, which pages of the website are the subject of frequent visit, etc.

Ιn case of disabling the Analytics/Statistics Cookies, the website’s functionality will not be affected and consequently no information is collected for further user actions on the website.

Deactivating Analytics/Statistics Cookies even if there is acceptance in Marketing Cookies, the user will not be able to receive ads on Google’s network, as the ads are always linked to the Analytics/Statistics Cookies.

2.1.4. Marketing Cookies

Marketing Cookies are used for targeted advertising on a user and to measure the effectiveness of ISOPIPE’s advertising campaigns, tools which will help us determine which online advertising channels are more effective. Marketing Cookies can be jointly used with the Company’s partners. In case of Marketing Cookies non-acceptance, the website’s functionality shall not be affected and consequently no information is collected for further user actions on the website.

2.1.5. Social Cookies

Social Cookies are defined by Social Media such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, etc., when using embedded media, such as posting videos on our website via YouTube to measure its visibility. In case of Social Cookies disabling, embedded content shall not be available. Social Cookies are related with Marketing Cookies as well.

2.1.6. Unclassified Cookies

Unclassified Cookies refer to those who are in the process of being classified, together with the providers of Cookies.

3. Cookies Disabling

In case the user wishes to deactivate Cookies selectively, this can be done by clicking here (via ISOPIPE’s website) or through the relevant browser settings by searching for the “Help” function in the corresponding program.