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The environmental impact of insulating materials in building life cycle, depends on two factors: production impacts and energy savings.
Insulation is crucial in heating, cooling and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) supply systems due to the energy crisis and environmental protection needs.
ISOPIPE Suitable for all Solar Systems!
In the context of improving both products and production processes, we keep staying true to our promise to protect the environment and human life.
ISOPIPE combines quality and functionality in just one product, ISODUCT!
The recent energy crisis, makes the insulation of pipes in heating and DHW supply systems indispensable in all applications. ISOPIPE S.A. holds in total 6 certifications regarding environmental sustainability, including EN ISO 14001:2015 and EPD EN 15804 & ISO 14025 and our targets demonstrate a determination to reduce the environmental impact.
ISOTAPE series of products, a range of tapes, including insulation, UV resistance & aluminum tapes.
10.02.2023 ISH 2023 Fair
ISOPIPE S.A. participates in ISH 2023 for HVAC + Water, Germany
ISOROLLS, an Antimicrobial & Antifungal, NBR & EPDM base in form of rolls, available in the most useful coverings for a safe and professional application, flexible, with strong adhesive capacity
The new Insulation Calculator for the optimal thickness of ISOPIPE insulations is here!