ISOPIPE S.A. ist ein Unternehmen, das sich im Bereich der Herstellung von synthetischen elastischen Latex- Schaum Isolierungen, Heizkessel aus Gusseisen, TORRENT, Klima- und Heiznlagen, Sanitär-, Ventilations-und Kühlanlagen spezialisiert, die sowohl für die Industrie, als auch für Haushaltszwecke geeignet sind.

ISOPIPE Integrierte Isolationssysteme


Calculation of:

  • Surface Temperature
  • Heat Loss
  • Energy Savings
  • Condensation Risk


The environmental impact of insulating materials in building life cycle, depends on two factors: production impacts and energy savings.
Air Duct Applications with Insulation Freitag, 6. Oktober 2023
Insulation is crucial in heating, cooling and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) supply systems due to the energy crisis and environmental protection needs.
ISOPIPE Suitable for all Solar Systems!

The benefits of ISOPIPE include, in addition to reducing costs and environmental impacts of energy consumption:

  • Conserves Energy by Reducing Heat Loss or Gain
  • Controls Surface Temperatures for Personnel Protection and Comfort
  • Facilitates Process Temperature Control
  • Prevents Condensation on Cold Surfaces
  • Prevents or Reduces Damage to Equipment From Exposure to Fire or Corrosive Atmospheres
  • Controls Noise