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Sound Absorption and High Performance Acoustic Insulation


Open - cell elastomeric foam based on synthetic rubber.

  • ISOSOUND is a new sound absorption and sound insulation product of high performance, specially designed for specific applications, from open - cell flexible elastomeric foam based on synthetic rubber.

  • ISOSOUND offers very high acoustic energy absorption (absorption coefficient up to 0.98) and guarantees a quieter environment.

  • ISOSOUND has equally very good sound insulation properties with weighted sound reduction index

  • Rw(C;Ctr) of 40(-2;-7) dB at 150 kgr/m3 density
    and Rw(C;Ctr) of 43(-1;-5) dB at 250 kgr/m3 density
    measured in sound insulation partitions.


  • Cell Structure: The open cell structure of ISOSOUND with its complex special geometry allows efficient sound absorption either through the air or through solids.

  • Density: ISOSOUND products produced with the abovementioned density levels have achieved values of 150 kgr / m³ and 250 kgr / m³. The particular density levels offer excellent sound absorption properties.

  • Fire Behaviour: ISOSOUND does not produce fire particles and prevents flame propagation. It provides safe heat properties and is recommended as the ideal choice for residential areas and public buildings. > Class 1

Suitable for Installations

Heating, Air Conditioning, Cooling:

Heating or cooling air ducts, chillers

General Mechanical Industry:

Air intake systems, linings insulation

Industrial Installations:

Engines, chassis insulation

Shipping Industry:

Engine, Pipelines insulation


Nightclubs, pubs, studios


102x102x18 for ISOSOUND