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New Products ISOPIPE
2020: New Products

ISOPIPE S.A. launched two new products:

ISODUCT: Flexible elastomeric foam insulation with significantly high percentage of closed cells in the form of rolls, NBR based, width 1.5 m with or without self-adhesive. Also available with hygienic protection covering.

ISOCOIL 15m: All the benefits of ISOPIPE TC Pipes, it is now delivered in a continuous length of 15 meters.

2019: London UK Subsidiary

ISOPIPE S.A. created ISOPIPE UK Ltd, a subsidiary in London, UK

ISOPIPE S.A. launched HP COVERING which is a special aluminum covering for hygienic and internal applications.

2018: Madrid Spain Subsidiary

ISOPIPE ibérica sl created a subsidiary in Madrid, Spain.

ISOPIPE Insulation Calculator, a new user-friendly app is launched for Tablet & Mobile Devices.

ISOPIPE S.A. introduced TORRENT New Cast Iron Condensing Boilers, Class A worldwide.

TORRENT Condensing

2017: TORRENT Condensing

New Innovations

2016 - 2017:
New Innovations

ISOPIPE S.A. invests in high technology machinery, research and development and testing laboratories to improve the quality of its products and to introduce new products in the market.

Our production process is now under EN ISO 9001:2015.

ISOPIPE Twin Solar Covering

The patented product by ISOPIPE S.A. is now available in TWIN, which offers quick, easy and trouble free installation! The connection of the tubes is made through a special protective film, which allow easy separation at any desired length. Also available in ISOSOL TWIN with or without cable.

ISOPIPE Sound Absorption
2011: Sound Absorption

ISOSOUND is a new sound absorption and sound insulation product of high performance, specially designed for specific applications.

2010: Factory Expansion

ISOPIPE S.A. further expanded its facilities to a total covered area of 60,000 m² and buildings of 30,000 m².

2009: Barcelona Spain Subsidiary

ISOPIPE S.A. created a subsidiary in Barcelona, Spain, under the name ISOPIPE ibérica sl.

ISOPIPE HT-HF is an environmentally friendly halogen free product, for higher temperature applications (+175°C).

UV PLUS COVERING is an aluminum external protection covering composed of three layers of polyester, aluminum and polyethylene, thus providing resistance both to ultra violet radiation and other atmospheric agents.

HEAVY DUTY (HD) COVERING is a superior reinforced external aluminum protection covering, offering high resistance against mechanical damage, ultra violet radiation, leakages and pipe corrosion. The HEAVY DUTY COVERING consists of three layers of Polyester, Aluminum and Fire Resistant (FR) PVC.

ISOPIPE S.A. produces cast iron boilers for central heating, under the name TORRENT. The boilers are produced in accordance with European Standards. The range includes boilers from 21,686 to 1,203,783 kcal/h or 25 to 1,400kw.

ISOSOL Pre - Insulated Pipes:

The high quality and wide range of our bare pipe (INOX, Copper, PE and PERT-AL-PERT) in combination with ISOPIPE S.A.'s expertise in closed-cell synthetic rubber elastoeric foam, offer an ergonimic and highly functional product.

Boiler Production

2008: Boiler Production

Patented Product

2007: Patended Product

ISOPIPE S.A. introduced two new products, ISOPIPE Slit & Seal and SOLAR Covering.

ISOPIPE Slit & Seal

Pre-slit pipe
with self-adhesive tape and self-adhesive overlap.


An absolute effective and reliable product for solar heating system, which combines the high-tech ISOPIPE insulation with our expertise in UV Covering, patented product.

2006: Factory Expansion

ISOPIPE S.A. further expanded its premises to a total covered area of 40,000 m² and buildings of 12,000 m².

2002: Factory Expansion

ISOPIPE S.A. expanded its production facilities to a total covered area of 40,000 m² and buildings of 8,000 m².

2000: Award Ceremony

ISOPIPE insulation by ISOPIPE S.A., received a quality excellence award by the EUROPEAN Business Organization.

1997: The Beginning

ISOPIPE S.A. is engaged in the production of the widely used closed cell synthetic rubber insulation under the trademark ISOPIPE®. Our extensive product range includes ISOPIPE TC, ISOROLLS, ISOSHEETS and ISOSYSTEM.

ISOPIPE S.A. plant is located in Ritsona area of Halkida - north of Athens, with a production area of 20,000 m2 and 4,000 m2 of buildings.