Isopipe TR-NBR
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Isopipe TR-NBR

Less smoke Higher performance

Description & Benefits

  • ISOPIPE TR - is an NBR based flexible elastomeric foam insulation designed for building's insulation and refrigeration systems. Its special formula provides limited smoke propagation, in case of fire and high vapour diffusion resistance, as well as high performance and protection against energy loss.

  • Suitable for enclosed spaces such as elevators, tunnels, offices and factory premises.

  • ISOPIPE TR has high flame retardancy and low smoke generation.

  • Thanks to its closed cell stucture, ISOPIPE TR has excellent insulation properties.

  • ISOPIPE TR has outstanding thermal performance and condensation resistance due to the high percentage, 98.5%, of closed cells.

  • ISOPIPE TR insulation systems are manufactured with all due respect for the human health and the environment.

  • ISOPIPE TR is certified for Anti-Microbial and Fungal Protection according ASTM E2180 and ASTM G21.

  • As an NBR based product, ISOPIPE TR insulation, provides a great oil and grease resistance.

  • Short lead time due to our high flexibility of production.

  • The outstanding performance of ISOPIPE TR material is guaranteed through continuous supervision and factory tests.

Suitable for Applications

Air Conditioning
Solar Energy

Unique Applications

Offices - Factory Premises
Offices & Factory Premises

Product Characteristics

Temperature Range

Extensive range (-50°C to +110°C) allowing brief peaks above limits.

Fire Performance

Upgraded fire performance with reduced smoke density, ideal for residential and public buldings.
(E84 Class A, EN 13501, B - s2, d0).

Proper Fit

With exemplary tolerances, secures proper fit ensuring more savings for refrigeration, cooling and heating.

Antimicrobial Protection

An advanced composition preventing the development of bacteria and fungi (ASTM E 2180 and ASTM G21 certification).


Very high resistance to water vapour transmission, ensuring long - term performance and effectiveness of the insulation (μ ≥ 10000).

Thermal Conductivity

Superior quality closed-cell elastomeric material, designed to reduce thermal losses λ = 0.036W/mK at +30°C.


Produced with optimum density for effective reduction of thermal losses 60 kgr/m³, ±10 kgr/m³.


Exceptional elasticity and endurance for time-saving applications and effective insulation.

Product Range


  • Available in thickness of: 9, 13, 19, 25, 32, 40, 50 mm and pipe diameters up to 139 mm.

  • Pipe’s standard length is 2 meters and 1 meter.

  • Available in: ISOPIPE TR

Pre slit pipe with self-adhesive tape and self-adhesive overlap. Significantly reduces application and installation time and labour costs. Perfect for already existing pipe systems.

  • Available in pipe form with thickness of: 9, 13, 19, 25 mm and pipe diameters up to 114 mm.

  • Pipe’s standard length is 2 meters and 1 meter.

  • Available in: ISOPIPE TR

  • Available in thickness of: 10, 13, 19, 25 mm.

  • Available in width of 1.00 m and length up to 20 meters.

  • Available in: ISOROLLS ΗΤ-HF, ISOROLLS COVERINGS: SOLAR, UV PLUS & HEAVY DUTY (HD)(with or without self-adhesive)

A custom-width sheet to accurately cover large pipes of any diameter, cut in angle to ensure proper fit and better edge bonding.

  • Available in thickness of: 13, 19, 25 mm and pipe diameter from 114 mm up to desire diameter.

  • Packaged in 1 meter length.


Mechanical & Thermal Properties of ISOPIPE TR

PropertiesTechnical DataTest Methods
Thermal Conductivity (λ)

-20°C - 0.031 W/mk

0°C - 0.033 W/mk

20°C - 0.035 W/mk

30°C - 0.036 W/mk

EN 12667

Permeability (μ)


EN 13469, EN 12086

Operating Temperatures (°C)

-50°C to +110°C

+85°C If System, Sheets, Rolls are glued to the object with its whole surface

EN 14707
Fire Rating (FR) B-S2, d0 EN 13501-1
Density (p)

60 Kgr/m³, ±10Kgr/m³

EN 13467 & EN 1602

The mentioned values are these which have been measured in our laboratory, under typical conditions. They can be modified without prior notice. You are kindly requested to assert their validity before any special use.



for pipes 2 meters


for pipes 1 meter


102x102x24 cm

The carton is also available
in different heights including 19, 29 & 34 cm