ISOPIPE Insulation Calculator for NBR & EPDM insulations

ISOPIPE Insulation Calculator for NBR & EPDM insulations

The ISOPIPE Insulation Calculator has been developed to measure certified professional insulation NBR (ISOPIPE TC) and EPDM (ISOPIPE HT-HF) of high specification.


The proper fit and the correct thickness for pipe insulation serves:

• to the lifetime of heating, plumbing, air-conditioning and cooling systems,

• to energy saving,

• to the avoidance of condensation and

• to the decrease of loss of thermal load during the transportation of cold or/ and hot water use.


In ISOPIPE Insulation Calculator, you can be informed of:

• the insulation thickness that is proper for a bare pipe, either in indoor or outdoor use,

• the percentage (%) of energy saving,

• the ISOPIPE product range,

• the products’ Certifications,

• the history of ISOPIPE S.A. and

• the environmental sustainability of ISOPIPE S.A.


Additionally, using the ISOPIPE Insulation Calculator, you have the possibility:

• to save the calculation inside the program and

• to send the calculation to any e-mail address in the form of PDF


The application is available:

On the Web page www.isopipe.eu, at the link: 


On Google Play, at the link:



On App Store, at the link: