The Revolution in Insulation Protection

The Revolution in Insulation Protection

Protection is αprerequisite! The purpose of the insulation material is to protect what is below the insulation surface. But, the insulation layer needs to be protected from the different environmental conditions like extreme cold or heat, water or vapour, UV radiation.

This is the point at which, ISOPIPE acts and innovates once again by producing and offering a wide range of Insulation Coverings in the market: SOLAR, SOLAR SG, HP, UV Plus, and Heavy Duty.

These products do not only guarantee theperfect insulation protection for any kind of application: indoor as well as outdoor, but also, ensure efficiency and reliability at the highest level.

Continuous tested products, 4 layers protection, increased durability, corrosion resistance, up to 7 years warranty, for temperature up to +120°C, special polymer and aluminum external protection coverings, available in many colours are some of the features of Isopipe’s Coverings.  

They also possess numerous advantages:

  • extend the insulation’s lifetime, enduring long-term performance
  • enable the insulation to be installed outdoors
  • offer resistance to ultraviolet radiation and other atmospheric agents
  • increase the water diffusion resistance
  • allow the insulation to be cleaned with a wet wipe
  • most appropriate for hospitals or other places of hygienic interest
  • increase the insulation’s mechanical resistance
  • improve the product’s aesthetics

Therefore, for all these reasons, a try will convince you!

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