Isopipe News

We are delighted to introduce our New ISOPIPE Catalogue, which is now available in our website’s Download Tab.
We are proud to present our newly redesigned website, delivering improved user experience with new features, helping our partners and visitors to learn more about our wide range of products. Our goal is to provide our visitors useful and updated information about our products, as well as to learn more about ISOPIPE S.A., our activities and future plans.
#ISOPIPE high-performance insulation products are specially designed to reduce the environmental impact. This new generation of closed cell elastomeric rubber insulation is a long lasting and reliable solution, which offers outstanding thermal protection. Due to their non-permeable surface, #ISOPIPE products are highly condensation resistant, providing high performance for a very long time.
Enhancing our professional presence on the internet, we are glad to announce the launch of our new LinkedIn® Page. Through this professional network, we will keep you updated with everything that involves ISOPIPE® Integrated Insulation Systems and TORRENT® Cast Iron Condensing Boilers. Updates are available in English and Spanish language.